about us

Since the inception of AMARTIZ in 2015, our mission in lighting has been to create cutting edge design using the latest in LED technology at a price that is well-priced. Our designs begin in GUANGZHOU City Studio with innovation in mind. We work closely with a group of manufacturers and vendors to create the highest quality pieces possible. We pride ourselves on being a family owned company that puts care into everything we do. we have a dedicated team committed to providing the best product and customer service possible.


We have been based in GUANGZHOU since 2015 and grown steadily by pursuing our mission of bringing good design and inspiration to home lighting. Today our team of young lighting designers share this passion. By tapping into world design movements through travel, international design shows and festivals they follow fashion, material and interior trends, always looking ahead to the next season. Capturing the main themes, colours, surface patterns and styles they create unique lighting fittings that consistently match the demand for innovation and new looks in an accessible way that has the ability to enhance any existing interior style whatever the budget.

Our lighting designs offer everyone the possibility of transforming a living space adding beauty, surprise, individuality, style and atmosphere as well as the best functional performance and light output. All our products are carefully thought about in all aspects and produced to international safety standards. They are reliable, easy to use and sustainable with a long useful life before recycling.We operate to the Lighting Association Code of Practice and in 2016 gained accreditation for the internationally recognised quality standard ISO9001.

Service is a journey that is never finished. We never take this for granted and it is something we cherish as being very special. We continually work to improve the service we can offer through our products, our way of doing things and our deliveries. We are here in ready to take your calls, hear feedback and solve issues.

Our brand is trusted because we are always available, standing behind our products and ready to help wherever and whenever we can.